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We are at your Service

All we need you to do is sit back and relax while Wellis Marbella takes care of everything, including your Hot Tub Maintenance. Even if some kind of problem occurs with your product we do not want to leave you without help; We are always at your disposition!

We offer you up to 10 years Warranty. Simply call our expert in Marbella, Spain, and they can help you with the most effective solution to your problem during the phone call. Our colleagues, who deal exclusively with our brand for several years, are specialized in Wellis products. So they are able to find what is wrong quickly and in an efficient manner. Advantages of the Wellis professional services area the following:

Wellis Support
Wellis Support, Hot Tub Maintenance


Advantages of the Wellis professional service area are the following:

Our products

Our products are extremely complex devices that connect to electricity and water pipes at the same time. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the professional service from Wellis.


If you decide to install your newly purchased product with the help of Wellis experts, you can be sure that our partner knows how to do it, even if there are 100 nozzles in the hot tub, unlike someone who is not specialized in our products. Just call us and we will be happy to install your product in the shortest time possible.

Qualified Specialist

Our highly qualified specialists have been working for several years to satisfy our clients and allow them to enjoy the benefits of their hydro massage. Be one of our satisfied customers!

Flexible schedule

Our experts and customer service work constantly to provide the fastest service possible based on your schedule, so your hot tub maintenance does not have to fall behind!

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