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5 Seater Round Hot Tub

Dimensions Ø2180 × 910 mm
Reclining / Sitting places 5 sitting places
Net weight (kg) / Water amount (l) 300 kg/1,045 l
Frame Impregnated solid wood
Opt. power requirement 1×20A 230V/50Hz
Min. power requirement* 1×7A 230V/50Hz
Total number of jets 22 pcs
Hydromassage pump 1 × 2 HP, double speed
Water sanitization Ozone generator + superfine paper filter
Chromotherapy LED illumination 10 pcs exclusive LEDs
Sound system MyMusic™ 2.0
Plug&Play option
Thermo cover 295€

Earth 5 Seater Round Hot Tub


Thanks to its round design, this is a perfect place for a pleasant conversation with friends or family. Our 5-person Earth model includes an ozone water sanitizer system, LED color therapy lighting, and 4 air inlet regulators for controlling the massage intensity for each seat. Due to its energy-efficient design, its operational costs are low.

5 Seater Hot Tub

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