Mars 3 Seater Hot Tub | Wellis Marbella


3 Seater Hot Tub

Dimensions 2130 × 1600 × 750 mm
Reclining / Sitting places 2 reclining / 1 sitting place
Net weight (kg) / Water amount (l) 250 kg/660 l
Frame Impregnated solid wood
Opt. power requirement 1×20A 230V/50Hz
Min. power requirement* 1×7A 230V/50Hz
Total number of jets 37 pcs
Hydromassage pump 1 × 2 HP, double speed
Water sanitization Ozone generator + superfine paper filter
Chromotherapy LED illumination 12 pcs exclusive LEDs
Sound system MyMusic™ 2.0
MySeat™ yes
Plug&Play option
Thermo cover 295€

Mars 3 Seater Hot Tub


The arrangement of the two adjacent recliners and one seat in the Mars hot tub is unique in the European market. In designing the MySeat™ recliner, our designers eliminated the inconvenience caused by height differences, so both men and women can be seated comfortably. It is spacious enough to include 37 jets, which provide perfect relaxation for 3 people.

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