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6 Seater Inox Hot Tub

Dimensions 2270 × 2570 × 900 mm
Reclining / Sitting places 2 reclining / 4 sitting places
Net weight (kg) / Water amount (l) 350 kg/1,780 l
Frame Stainless steel frame
Opt. power requirement 1×27A 230V/50Hz or 3×16A 400V/50Hz
Min. power requirement* 1×14A 230V/50Hz
Total number of jets 38 pcs
Hydromassage pump 2 × 2 HP, single speed
Circulation pump W-EC pump (0.25 kW)
Water sanitization UV-C + antibacterial filter
Chromotherapy LED illumination central
SmartPhone app – wifi connection yes
EPH protection yes
Thermo cover 345€

Volcano 6 Seater Inox Hot Tub


Our Volcano steel tub has several impressive advantages: the stainless steel is resistant to UV-rays, frost and thermal stresses. The Volcano steel tub will add an absolutely trendy and visionary look to your home for many years to come. There is no need to choose between design and durability – our Volcano steel tub will provide both!

6 Seater Hot Tub

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