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Our Technology

ABB Robots

At our Hot Tub Factory the automated manufacturing that incorporates ABB Robots, has increased our efficiency and allows us to pre-plan and automate every small detail in the production process.

This guarantees the absolute consistency and quality control of each finished Hot Tub, as well as reducing our production costs. This pioneering system has transformed the way hot tubs are made and has established Wellis as a leading regional and international manufacturing company.

We have developed what has traditionally been an industry dominated by manual production to  producing products built with manufacturing tolerances of less than a tenth of a millimeter. Automation has also led to other innovations in design.


Benefits of our technology

The acrylic shell is reinforced with polyurethane:

  • Highly effective sound insulation, probably the quietest massage baths and hot tubs available. Use your hot tub whenever you want and it will not disturb the neighbors.
  • Highly effective thermal insulation: which means more time to relax in the bathtub without having to recharge it with hot water, and reduce the electricity costs for your outdoor spa.
  • Ecological product, easily biodegradable (unlike fiberglass, does not emit any dangerous styrene gas). Therefore, it is not a dangerous category and it complies with all the relevant EU standards.


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